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Watch Your Dog Behave  Before Your Eyes In  As Little  As 10 Minutes!

Leash Pulling Fixed In 10 Minutes! 

Off-Leash In 3 Sessions!  

20 minute Stay With Distractions In One Session!

Bolting Out The Door Fixed in One Session!

Dog Surfing & Paddle Boarding!
If you're looking for Dog Training in Orange County then look no further! Tony Nila is a certified and accredited expert thoroughly trained in canine ethology, learning theory, interpreting canine body postures and behavior modification.

When it comes to Orange County dog training it's important to clients that trainers are well versed in all training methods and styles. Other dog trainers in the surrounding areas often call Tony for advice and continued education as many are limited to only one method or style of dog training. 

Don't be fooled by hecklers! Tony gives his clients the choice of positive reinforcement, clicker training, traditional training, dog whispering, remote collar training and pinch or slip collar training. Beware of Orange County dog training professionals that claim to be experts but have only limited knowledge. It may make them a dog trainer but it doesn't make them a "Professional Dog Trainer" There is no such thing as one method for all dogs. All dogs are special in their own way and possess different learning capabilities. If you're looking for dog training in Orange County, you came to the right place!
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