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  • Off-Leash In 2-3 Sessions
  • Leash Pulling Fixed in 10 Minutes!
  • 30 Minutes Stay Command In One Session!
  • All Ages,All Breeds,All Issues!
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​Dog Training Orange County Testimonial: 
AMAZING!!! This would apply across the board to Tony and his team of orange county dog trainers' techniques, attitude, honesty, friendliness, professionalism, punctuality and all around service. We've tried 2 other highly recommended dog trainers in orange county that didn't even come close. Our rescue dog was a bit anxious and overly excitable and intense - toward everything from toys, to going on walks, to approaching dogs. You've never seen this kind of laser-like focus and intensity...trust me. We had tried everything from different orange county dog trainers, collars to different dog training techniques, keeping calm and confident...all of it. Tony and his dog training team made a huge difference in showing us the little things we were doing wrong that had us "so close to getting it right..." Just his dog training guidance during the initial consult made him a different dog within 2-3 days of doing the homework Tony assigned. (Tony even stayed for much longer than an hour at no additional cost to make sure we covered everything he wanted to do that day). We were so happy with his improvement with walking and having toys around (he'd normally go bananas wanting to play if he saw someone playing with a toy) that we decided to hire Tony for the dog training and dog psychology course. I called him and told him the details of improvements and shortfalls to see what he would suggest. I wanted to do the 4-pack training session but Tony insisted on only doing 1 session because he honestly felt that our dog would be ready for pack walks within 1 or 2 sessions at most. He said he felt we'd be wasting money by paying for 4 but he would honor the 4-pack pricing if he was wrong and our dog ends up needing the 4 sessions after he came out again. His honesty was so refreshing. We just had our first dog training session in orange county and WOW! Of course he was right. He even brought his other two orange county dog trainers, Jay and Alex, along with his own 2 dogs, Corona & Lokey, to help with our goal of having our dog remain calm and learn how to approach dogs in a calm manner. We were truly so impressed by the end of the first session and graduated our dog to their weekly pack walks after all of their evaluations. We're looking forward to the pack walks. Thank you again Tony, Alex and Jay!! If you’re searching for dog training in orange county then stop searching you landed on the right page Eureka! You found him!
  - C.W. Costa Mesa, CA
Serving Orange County, North San Diego & Long Beach!