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Tony Nila
Owner & Dog Behaviorist
Tony Is a Dog Behaviorist with over 20 years experience. He is an expert thoroughly trained in canine ethology, learning theory, interpreting canine body postures and specializes in behavior modification. Former host of K9 Talk Radio in Flagstaff AZ and owner of one of the biggest dog training companies in Orange County, Tony now lives and offers dog training in Shasta County CA. If you are looking for Dog trainers in Redding, Anderson or surrounding areas then look no further!  Tony believes when it comes to dog training in Shasta County it's important to clients that all Shasta County dog trainers are well versed in all dog training methods, styles and tools. 
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Brandon Mancuso
Manager/Head Trainer
Brandon has shadowed Tony and has also completed apprentiship With Jennifer Grey former kennel manager and trainer for Cesar Millans Dog Psychology center. Brandon is also certified through A.B.C (Animal Behavior College) 

  Over the years he has developed a program where he teaches owners how to communicate with their dogs properly, to establish respect, to fulfill their dogs mental and physical needs and develop a stronger impulse control which he believe helps dogs become the best version of themselves that they can be and improve their overall relationship with their owners. 
Arielle Shiffberg-Mencher
Puppy Behavior Coach
Arielle is a graduate of A.B.C (Animal Behavior College) and has also been mentored by Tony Nila. Arielle has been with Grumpy Puppy for over 2 years and is a event coordinator for 'Puppy Adventures" a group socialization class for puppies 8-16 weeksof age. She is also head of Grumpy Puppies Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Service
Brian Young
Dog Behavior Coach
Brian has completed Grumpy Puppies shadowing program with Tony Nila as well as attended dog behavior seminars by some of the top dog behaviorist in the U.S.  He also happens to be former client of Grumpy Puppy which has given him great insight in being able to relate to clients frustrations as well as the ups and downs of rehabilitating a problem dog on your own.
    New clients, Please start off with purchasing a one hour introductory session first. After our first session together we can choose the best package that fits your training goals. After the introductory session you will receive a "seven day credit of the $100" towards whatever package you decide to choose afterwards.
  2. FaceTime/Skype Consultation $50
    If you live out of state or just need basic advice which does not require a home visit, we offers virtual dog training in the form of FaceTime/Skype consultations. You can talk with us one-on-one about your specific issues. During this time, we will cover basic dog psychology and how it pertains to your dog as well as some strategies to implement with your dogs behavior.
  3. Mild Behavior Modification $300
    For Dogs & Puppies a "Basic Behavior Course" where we go over dog psychology and how it pertains to Your dogs behavior. Package includes: -3 Hours of training broken down into one or two hour sessions -One month Distraction Training (Group Pack Walks with other dogs) -Unlimited Lifetime phone support Note* In most cases this a "Self-Help" package is all that is needed to provide you "the know how" of how to address your dog or puppies behavior on your own. For Fear or Aggression please refer to our " Severe Behavior Modification Package."
  4. Moderate Behavior Modification $500
    Dogs & Puppies displaying moderate Behavior Problems. We go over dog psychology and how it pertains to Your dogs behavior. Package includes: -5 Hours of training broken down into one or two hour sessions for extra time on behavioral issues or beginner E-Collar training. -One month Distraction Training (Group Pack Walks with other dogs) -Unlimited Lifetime phone support Note* For Fear or Aggression please refer to our " Severe Behavior Modification Package."
  5. Off-Leash Training Or Severe Behavior Modification $700
    This Package option is ideal for clients interested in Advanced Off-leash E-Collar training or Severe Behavioral issues such as fear and aggression. Package includes: -7 Hours of training broken down into one or two hour sessions for extra time on behavioral issues or advanced E-Collar training. -One month Distraction Training (Off-Leash Pack Adventures Coming Soon) -Unlimited Lifetime phone support
  6. Board And Train $2000.
    30 Days Board and Train Includes: 1.) no pulling 2.) come when called 3.) off-leash heel 4.) stay command 5.) public distractions and socialization. 6.) any basic behavior problems. *Severe Aggression or fear Requires 90 Days
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Dog Training Shasta County Welcome to Grumpy Puppy Dog Training Shasta County! If you are looking for an Shasta County Dog Trainer you came to the right place. Looking for good dog trainers in Shasta County CA can sometimes be frustrating. With Grumpy Puppy Dog Training in Shasta County CA you get over 20 year experience! We have been showing Shasta County and surrounding areas a quick and easy way to train their dogs sharing inside trade secrets! Imagine finding a dog trainer in Shasta County that can fix your dog’s leash pulling in as little as 10 minutes. Our Shasta County CA dog trainers can even have your dog off leash in as little as 2-3 sessions. It may sound like a dream, but to many of our clients we have made it a reality! visit our yelp page and see how much our clients love us on
Yelp! The important thing with dog training in Shasta County CA is you don't want to ruin the  relationship between you and your dog. We have met Shasta County dog trainers that are food bribery trainers as well as dog trainers in Shasta County that use extremely harsh training methods. Either one of these methods can ruin the bond between you and your dog. Unfortunately for dog training Shasta there are no state regulations or requirements to being a dog trainer in Shasta County CA. Which means any Shasta County dog trainer can make business cards tomorrow and call themselves a dog trainer in Shasta County, without having any real knowledge of dog behavior to begin with. You cannot afford to waste time or money on a dog training program that will not give you fast instant results. Or worse may psychologically harm your dog and make your dog worse than before you started the training to begin with. Our Shasta County dog behavior methods are used by top dog trainers from around the world! Many people ask us if our dog training methods work like magic. The short answer is YES!! But it's up to our Shasta Dog Trainers to show you how to do that magic by creating a balanced relationship between you and your dog, to help you control and manage your dog’s behavior and energy. So if you want to change the relationship between you and your dog, one that you can take anywhere with you hiking, restaurants, shopping Using the most effective training techniques by using the top training methods by our dog trainers in Shasta.. Then
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