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​Dog Training Orange County Testimonial: 
AMAZING!!! This would apply across the board to Tony and his team of orange county dog trainers' techniques, attitude, honesty, friendliness, professionalism, punctuality and all around service. We've tried 2 other highly recommended dog trainers in orange county that didn't even come close. Our rescue dog was a bit anxious and overly excitable and intense - toward everything from toys, to going on walks, to approaching dogs. You've never seen this kind of laser-like focus and me. We had tried everything from different orange county dog trainers, collars to different dog training techniques, keeping calm and confident...all of it. Tony and his dog training team made a huge difference in showing us the little things we were doing wrong that had us "so close to getting it right..." Just his dog training guidance during the initial consult made him a different dog within 2-3 days of doing the homework Tony assigned. (Tony even stayed for much longer than an hour at no additional cost to make sure we covered everything he wanted to do that day). We were so happy with his improvement with walking and having toys around (he'd normally go bananas wanting to play if he saw someone playing with a toy) that we decided to hire Tony for the dog training and dog psychology course. I called him and told him the details of improvements and shortfalls to see what he would suggest. I wanted to do the 4-pack training session but Tony insisted on only doing 1 session because he honestly felt that our dog would be ready for pack walks within 1 or 2 sessions at most. He said he felt we'd be wasting money by paying for 4 but he would honor the 4-pack pricing if he was wrong and our dog ends up needing the 4 sessions after he came out again. His honesty was so refreshing. We just had our first dog training session in orange county and WOW! Of course he was right. He even brought his other two orange county dog trainers, Jay and Alex, along with his own 2 dogs, Corona & Lokey, to help with our goal of having our dog remain calm and learn how to approach dogs in a calm manner. We were truly so impressed by the end of the first session and graduated our dog to their weekly pack walks after all of their evaluations. We're looking forward to the pack walks. Thank you again Tony, Alex and Jay!! If you’re searching for dog training in orange county then stop searching you landed on the right page Eureka! You found him!
  - C.W. Costa Mesa, CA
Serving Orange County, North San Diego & Long Beach!

We Specialize in K9 Psychology & Behavior Modification

The above video of our weekly pack walk shows typical results of only 3-4 private sessions! Many of these dogs have suffered from Aggression, Fear, Anxiety, Hyper activity and lack of general obedience! 

With Grumpy Puppy Dog Training you get over 20 year experience! Our trainers are certified and accredited experts thoroughly trained in canine ethology, learning theory, interpreting canine body postures and behavior modification. We have been showing Orange County a quick and easy way to train their dogs!

Grumpy Puppy Dog Training

Dog Surfing Classes Starting June 11th!

by Tony Nila on 05/26/16

Space Is Limited! Dog surfing sessions in Huntington Dog Beach Orange County! Work with Dog Behaviorist Tony Nila and participate in The Surf City Surf Dog Competition sponsored by Petco helping raise money for shelter dogs. This event will be televised and covered by every major television network and social media. Tony is a Dog Behaviorist with over 20 years experience. Follow his unique dog surfing approach on this trending canine sport!

Fee is $50 per 1/2 hour session. This fee covers cost for the Surf Instructor, Behaviorist and Surf Boards. Please do not forget to bring water for your dog and a doggy life vest which can be purchased at Furlys Pet Supply in Lake Forest or Petsmart. If this is your first time surfing your dog please attend the surf dog fundamentals at 9 AM . You can then hang out with us at the beach and observe everyone else until it is your dogs turn to surf ! We will be meeting by lifeguard tower number 22 at Huntington dog beach. In the city of Huntington Beach on the corner of Golden West and PCH don't forget to bring money for parking

 if you have any additional questions 
please text Tony at 949-887-3303

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Rise In K9 Aggression In The USA! Whats The Cause? Anthropomorphism?

by Tony Nila on 09/13/11



The United States has the highest reported incidents of dog aggression problems of any country in the world, with an estimated 4.5 million dog attack victims each year. One of the major contributing factors to the development of dog aggression is living as part of a multi-dog (more than one) household. More than a third of the dogs in the United States (a higher percentage than any other country in the world) live as part of multi-dog households.

Another reason for this is that in America, a well developed country, people often shower their dogs with affection and toys; leading to the dog believing that it is dominant (manipulative) and the leader of the household. This could then lead to aggressive behavior.

Busy lifestyles are also a major contributing factor to the rising occurrence's of aggression related attacks. As the American working week gets longer and longer, the responsibility of many dog owners often slips, leading to mild and more extreme cases of neglect. This neglect can start with something as simple as missing a walk here and there because of business meetings or late nights, neglect that does eventually have an effect on the mental and/or physical well being of your dog.

If you ever had the pleasure of visiting a European country you will notice many dogs in the city streets off-leash with they're owners at coffee shops and bookstores. Why is this not the case in America? In the early 1900's our country was also very similar to European countries, but the views about leashes were much different. It was common back in those days that to keep your dog restrained on a leash was cruel and inhumane, yet today your average person runs the other way when noticing a dog off-leash. It is my belief that todays unruly dogs were created through anthropomorphism (people humanizing canines). When hiring a dog trainer in the 50's it was unheard of for a trainer to offer a break up of training classes such as beginner, intermediate and advance. When you hired a trainer, it was much simpler back then. A trainer would just show up to your house, fix the issue, and show you how to maintain it, then left you with a well trained dog even under distractions. However in the 70's one dog trainer offered an idea... “Puppy Kindergarten” with the majority of the population already dressing their dogs and pushing them in strollers, everyone was first in line to jump on the bandwagon! Other dog trainers also jumped on the bandwagon as it was a big hit which resulted in a large class turn out and the added benefit of a residual steady income for the trainer, because after Kindergarten comes more broken up learning opportunities. Distractions were not offered until advanced class but very few students even made it that far and therefore the trainers never had to be accountable for a poorly trained dog especially if the owner never went beyond a beginner class. So in spite of the rise in pet population and dog training schools around the country many owners have attended a dog obedience school, but walked out of class with an untrained dog. Grumpy Puppy Dog Training does not offer Beginner, Intermediate, or advanced classes. We have one class , and the goal of that class is to train your dog under realistic distractions.

Simple Concept to K9 Behavioral Issues!

by Tony Nila on 09/06/11

It doesnt always matter what a dog is doing to drive you crazy, jumping, pulling, bolting out the door, fear, or aggression. The important thing to remember is all dogs learn the same exact way, through what psychology calls "Ope rant Conditioning". In layman terms this simply means dogs learn "through trial and error" or "cause and effect". I like to explain to my clients that dogs go throughout life only knowing two things about life "good" and bad".

Here is an example: If you ask your dog to sit and he decides to listen to you, and then receives a yummy treat, to your dogs perspective, was this a "god thing" or a "bad thing"? Well obviously good, which means your dog is more likely to listen to you in the future if you ask him to sit. However on the opposite end of the spectrum suppose when he sat, he sat on a cactus bush! To your dogs perspective was this a "good" thing" or a "bad thing"? Obviously bad, and your dog will never ever do that again.

So Dog behavior in a nutshell is actually pretty simple, its merely correcting a behavior or tying a negative association to a behavior you wish to eliminate, and praise and affection for a behavior you wish to reinforce. The problem that sometimes arises with ope rant conditioning as a theory, is sometimes all the dog training in the world is not going to help you, if you dont have a healthy balanced relationship between you and your dog. I dont mean just "love" I mean balanced. If you dont have a balanced relationship with your dog, then anything you ask your dog to do, even if its a command they should already know, will carry no meaning to the dog because of who is giving this source of information.

For Example: This is only an example, suppose I told you that I have only been working with dogs and behavior for 2 weeks and I received my certificate through a 3 day seminar?! After such an idiotic statement it wont matter what advice I give you in this article, my article will no longer have any meaning to you...right? So how do we create a healthy balanced relationship with your dog, so when asked to do things, your very words will hold a much stronger meaning to the dog as they did not previously.

If you observe a feral dog pack, or simply watch dogs in a dog park, they dont by nature pass out treats to each other to gain cooperation with on another right? In fact dogs communicate in two primary ways,

1.) Touch, and

 2.) Manipulation of Movement.

Dont just take my word for it, see for yourself and visit your local dog park, and you will see they treat each other very much like cattle dogs. Dogs will often chase each other, block each other, paw at on another, if their space is being invaded they will often correct each other, but they also share affection and groom each other.

Now analyze "your" relationship with your dog. If your dog leans on you, you pet him, if he drops a ball in front of you, you throw it, if he stands by the door, you open it, if they rush out the door before you, they have blocked you!

Many times Dog trainers will describe this as social dominant behavior, but I disagree! Dominant behavior is as follows, if you pick up your dogs food bowl, and your dog growls at you, then yes your dog is dominant, if you try to pull your dog off the couch and he bites you, then yes your dog is dominant. However manipulation is perfectly normal, and is simply a means of communication. If your dog stands by the door to be let out and use the bathroom, well off course you let them out! If your dog leans on you in the hopes of being pet, often times if you don’t fulfill his needs of affection then he will find another outlet, often one you don’t prefer. The only problem that arises with manipulation, is that you dont know how to manipulate back, and therefore have a lack of communication between you and your dog. Think about it, your dog can convey his/her needs and wants, but you cant even get your dog to be still!

So in order to address your behavioral issues you need a foundation in leadership to be able to manipulate "Movement" . Despite what you may have heard, the foundation of leadership is DOG OBEDIENCE!

Why you may ask? Simple concept actually. Just listen to your basic obedience commands, "come", "sit", "down","stay". Other then being one syllable word what do all these words have in common? can you guess? do you give up?  "MOVEMENT" Surprise! all these commands are words meant to manipulate a particular movement in your dog. (Example: "Fido come!, no never mind stop! Sit!, okay Down!, okay you can come now!) does it make sense now?

In the beginning of this article I mentioned that all the dog training in the world may not help you in your behavioral issues, however just as it is my opinion that there is a difference between dominance and manipulation, it is also my opinion that there is a difference between "dog training" and dog obedience".

There are a lot of great local dog trainers, and many can teach amazing tricks, such as "Leave-it" "Watch me" "Roll Over" "Shake". The commands sit, stay, and down can also be performed as tricks, but if a trainer cannot manipulate your dog to perform a 20 minute sit stay under heavy distractions in 3 lessons or less. Then dont be fooled, they are trick trainers, not dog obedience instructors!

Now the only question is which trainer and which method should you choose. after all there is more then one way to achieve the same dog training goals.