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Canine Behaviorist

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All Cases Overseen By A Canine Behaviorist

I'm Tony Nila, Grumpy Puppy's Canine Behaviorist. Our experts can gladly assist you with your dog. Let me tell you a little about Grumpy Puppy before we get started . . . utilizes a group of consultants made up of a DVM, Applied Animal Behaviorist PhD., and a Carnivore Nutrition and Wellness Coach. Our Behavior Modification Trainers will be working with you privately. I am the group's Canine Behaviorist and, for the most part, the primary point of contact for our clients. 

My responsibilities here include developing the tailored treatment plan as well as the guidelines that your trainer will follow while working with you and your dog in person one on one. As the Canine Behaviorist, I am in charge of all cases handled by and will be involved in the treatment plan from start to finish.

Please see the following link to watch a webinar I created for a wolfdog group as well for the clients of Grumpy Puppy. This will allow you to learn more about me:






The video will be beneficial for a variety of reasons. 


1.) While implementing a rehabilitation plan, we will not be practicing typical dog training. Canine Psychology and Observational Behavior will play a big role in our treatment strategy. After seeing the webinar, you'll have a better idea of what you will be learning.


If you liked what you watched and want to move forward after seeing the video, call me so I can offer you additional information and we can establish a treatment plan for your dog over the phone as well as some immediate advice. Below is a link to the scheduling page.









Also, if you have an idea of what budget you had in mind when looking for a trainer, please let me know so when you contact me, I can have options ready for you and your dog. 

According to an internet search, local trainers in the Orange County & Long Beach area are charging:


$250-$300/per session

$450 for 4-6 week group class

$3,900-$4,500 for board and training

Please feel free to provide any other information that would make our call run more smoothly during our hour together!

Would Love To Hear From You!

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