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What Is Latent Learning?

What Is Latent Learning?

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Stop Puppy Mouthing, Biting and Jumping!

Stop Puppy Mouthing, Biting and Jumping!

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Calming Exercise & Latent Learning

Calming Exercise & Latent Learning

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A Message From Canine Behaviorist Tony Nila... 


Thank you for reaching out us in your search for someone that can help you

with your beloved canine. Rest assured that I can definitely help you with your dog or puppy!  You can view my service rates using the site menu above.


I wanted to clarify that I am not a dog trainer, I am a Canine Behaviorist. I only take on 20 clients/students each year. I have already begun scheduling my clients for 2023. I do pre-screen prospective clients/students before allowing anyone into my program due to my restricted availability. 

PLEASE VIEW THE ABOVE VIDEO! After watching the video, if your interested in continuing, please use the "Schedule a Call" button above to arrange our first contact so we can talk about your goals in greater depth before enrolling.

- Tony Nila



I will only take seriously committed individuals who want to learn how to properly raise dogs or who want to be certified to instruct others in this latent system. Depending on your training goals this can be a 3 -12 month program. 

By the end of the program, you will not only have gotten your dog back on the right route into a latent state of mind, but you'll also know a lot more about behavior than the majority.

The program will involve the following commitment…

* Every week, I'll have two Zoom conversations with you, one for personalized individual coaching and the other for a group class that watches submitted behavioral footage with a breakdown of interpreting behavior.

* Access to the exclusive Latent Learning private Facebook community for my students.

* Access to our Carnivore Nutritionist, Alexa Rodriguez, is unrestricted.


* As required, private home sessions with a local trainer to visit you as needed for unforeseen assistance.

To set up a client/student interview, PLEASE DIRECT MESSAGE ME IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ENROLLING. Watch the video above to learn more about latent learning.


About Tony Nila:

Tony Nila is a Canine Behaviorist with over 27 years experience. He works with wolfdogs and dog owners, internationally as well as within the states, online via Zoom and in person. He is well versed in all training modalities, but prefers a holistic tool free approach. He is an expert thoroughly trained in canine ethology, learning theory, interpreting canine body postures and specializes in behavior modification, Wolfdogs & Coyote crosses. Tony was an Animal Behavior College Mentor, Former host of K9 Talk Radio in Flagstaff AZ, given community lectures at Shasta College and owner of one of the biggest dog behavior companies in Orange County. Tony also offers Business Consulting & Mentorship.

Your quest is ended if you've been looking for dog training in Orange County. Learn more about some of the top dog-training authorities in Orange County. We have received extensive training in canine ethology, learning theory, reading canine body language, and behavior modification. Your go-to person for dog obedience training in Orange County is dog behaviorist Tony Nila. Does your dog jump, pull, or try to escape through the door? We can assist! Don't hesitate to contact Tony Nila, a trusted name in Orange County dog training, if you require a professional.

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