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Orange County & Long Beach California


Canine Behaviorist

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All Cases Overseen By A Canine Behaviorist

Thanks to our behavior modification programs, over 289,000 Orange County and Long Beach dog owners have been successful with their dog training, and solved their dogs behavior problems

Once you apply what we teach you, you'll be so proud of how well your dog behaves!

Canine behavior treatment plans include much more than just basic obedience training.

If you have a disobedient dog that causes you stress or embarrassment then you've come to the absolute best place for finding out how to communicate with and train your dog.


With our rehab program your dog will become that well-behaved dog that makes other people envious. Resolve all your dog's behavior problems quickly and for good.


Aggression, biting, digging, barking, chewing, jumping, housetraining, whining, bolting out the front door, separation anxiety, pulling on the leash, and a lot more.

What will you learn? ...You'll find our Training Program to be the easiest system to follow in our industry today, for learning how to train your dog and change its behavior.


The full program includes Unlimited canine behavior consultations with Tony Nila and his team of Behavior modification trainers in our Members Area Forum. You won't believe how quickly and easily you will solve your dog's problems with all this at your fingertips:


  • Real-life case studies

  • The best dog training techniques

  • Unlimited consultations with Tony and  his team of dog trainers, vets and fellow dog owners to ensure that you get your specific questions about your dog's problems answered.

  • Loads of videos that will boost your learning AND step-by-step instructions...


All within one comprehensive and easy to follow training program. We will teach you how to train your dog and think like a Dog Behaviorist, so you can solve any specific problems that you may have with your dog, and have your dog obey you no matter what the situation - this is truly a cutting-edge program!

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If your searching for dog trainers in Orange County, then your search is over! Get to know some of the best Orange County dog training experts in the country. We are thoroughly trained in canine ethology, learning theory, interpreting canine body postures and specialize in behavior modification. Orange County Dog Behaviorist company Grumpy Puppy Training is your go to for Dog Obedience Training in Orange County. Is your dog jumping, pulling, bolting out the door? We can help! If you need an Orange County Dog Training professional, then don’t wait, act now and choose Orange County dog training favorite Grumpy Puppy Training!


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