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Meet Your Mentor, Who Truly Wants You And Your Career With Dogs To Be A Success.

There is beauty working with dog's,  beauty that you feel as sure as you feel the sun on your face.  While many dog trainers turn to science as a way to blindly condition dogs, Tony Nila is a rare expert who effectively combines behavioral science with the emotional realities of owning and working with dog's.  Tony teaches students how to  rehabilitate problem dogs by introducing them to the most intimate aspects of canine behavior.  

Former host of K9 Talk Radio in Flagstaff AZ and owner of one of the biggest dog training schools in Orange County & Las Vegas, Tony is is an experienced Dog Behaviorist with over 20 years of experience.  Simply put, if you have a desire to work with behavioral problems with dog's, you need to speak with Tony! 



"This is a fascinating topic. Anyone who works with dogs will get value from completing the course. Having a deeper understanding of dog behavior and intelligence will allow you to minimize the frustration you may often feel when trying to handle your clients dogs!"



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Canine Behavioral Issues!

As a student, you will be exposed to the most humane and effective dog psychology methods available today.   Building on the natural bonds that dogs and people develop, Tony will help you establish more than obedience with you and your clients dogs, Tony will teach you to not train a dog,  but communicate with dogs in order to help owners trust their dogs again.

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Canine Ethology (Dog Behavior)

Dog Behavior is becoming an increasingly recognized field as more and more people recognize the benefits of relating to canines. A good understanding of dog behavior is fundamental to form a trusting relationship and strong human-dog bond. Handling dogs has its risks, and the value of understanding dog behavior is becoming more and more apparent in the safety and well-being of both dogs and humans. While many dog trainers turn to science as a way to blindly condition dogs. These methods of handling dogs results in higher anxiety, over excitability for both the dogs and handler and a greater chance of injury. We owe it to our domestic friends to understand their behavior so we can continually try to improve the way that we keep them.

Price: $850/Month

In much that same way that Gordan Ramsy is famous for his food, we are famous for our great mentorship program for Canine Behaviorists.  Join our friendly family of canine delegates and learn how to establish yourself as the leading expert in Canine Behavior in your city or town.

Ongoing Mentorship Program

  • To manage dogs better, as an owner or trainer

  • Professional Development for anyone working with; or caring for dogs

  • Follow your passion, work in the dog industry

  • Start studying anytime, work at your own pace

Understand and recognize what constitutes normal behavior in your dog and learn to respond appropriately to abnormal behavior. The study of dog behavior provides a foundation for more sensitive and informed care and training of dogs.


This is not a classroom setting. You will be meeting with Tony for a weekly 2 hour coaching session while you work with several foster dogs of your choice in your home. You will be rehabilitating 6-12 dogs from start to finish.


Lessons cover genetics, perception and behavior, communication and social behavior, sexual and reproductive behavior, learning, training and behavioral problems.


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The School of canine behavior teaches you the skills you need to become a successful Dog Behaviorist. We offer simple financing.  Become a Dog Behaviorist in 12 months.

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