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Working through a serious problem with a troubled dog can be stressful. We understand 

At Grumpy Puppy we take your feelings seriously and provide a number of fun activities that will boost your spirits and help keep you motivated.  Our team of qualified trainers care about you just as much as they care about your dog. 


Canine Behaviorist: Tony Nila

1 Hr Telephone Consultation

For behavior questions only. This an option for owners, trainers, or anyone working with animals to brainstorm an idea or in need of validation of a treatment plan. This can also serve as a second opinion when planning euthanasia for a behavioral issue.

 Session $55.00 USD 

Customize A Behavioral treatment Plan for your dog


VIRTUAL telephone/video session with Tony Nila to help create a plan of action that advances and maintains behavior goals and concerns with your dog..  

Base Fee $300.00 USD 

Follow Up Requirements vary case to case.  Success is dependent on completing the customized  course of action created for you and your dog. A minimum of 4 sessions with a  recommended trainer is advised.


      Follow-Up requirements may include:

-Round-Trip Travel to location (shelter, park, home)

-Private Sessions with a qualified trainer 

-Follow up call to evaluate Progress

--Tailored Written Treatment Plan: (If Necessary)

-Veterinarian Contact

-One week Post Session Support


Dog Behavior Assessment

Thinking about buying a dog from a shelter or private party?  One of our team members will temperament Assess a Dog for successful adoption, fostering, and re-homing. 

One Dog $400.00 USD (Additional Dog $200.00 USD)

Each ASSESSMENT includes:

-Round-trip Travel

-Behavior History Review

-Behavior Testing and Analysis

-Tailored Written Report

-Copy of Report to adopter/rescue/foster or veterinarian


A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required to secure your appointment.

5 Day shadow program one-on-one with tony nila $1500+travel expenses

These 5 private consultations (10-15 hours) is tailored to treat behavioral issues including but not limited to: aggression, anxiety, house soiling, anti-social behavior, introducing a baby, puppy, adolescent behavior (mouthiness, jumping, destruction), geriatric behavior, and excessive vocalizations.


Success is dependent on completing the shadowing course.  A minimum of two Follow-Up skype sessions is recommended.


   Program includes:

-Review of Behavior History

-Daily Private In-Home Session (~2 hrs) for 1 week

-Tailored Written Treatment Plan 

-Instruction and Demonstration: Behavior Modification Training

-Veterinarian Contact

-One Year Follow Up Support

*Additional time (e.g., multiple animals, travel) are subject to additional charges.  

*A 25% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your reserved dates.

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