the service dog industries secret for how they train the calmest dogs in the world

Over the next 8 weeks, we'll be kicking off an extraordinary NEW INTERACTIVE 8-week dog training program that's going to change many families lives -- forever. It's called... "Training For Calm Program"


When you sign up for one our  puppy programs you will receive:

Training in the real world with top behavior experts. 

Access to our Pack Walks where you can carefully test your training in the real world  

12 months of FREE following up support and care

we will show How You Can Transform Any Dog Using The SAME "inside trade Secrets" That Professionals Use To Prepare service Dogs to ignore distractions:

Here's how it's going to work: For 8 weeks, instead of spoon feeding you the same ridiculous "sit... down... stay" basics you can find anywhere on youtube or a big chain pet store...


We're going to spend the next 8 weeks fully immersing you in ADVANCED canine psychology and behavior showing you how professional Dog Behaviorist transform over excited and intense dogs into calm behavior just like a service dog! And we're going to show you how to apply these behavioral techniques to YOUR dog to create the ultimate companion. 

Most new dog owners fail to understand that dogs can be trained at an accelerated pace when you use the most BASIC understanding of Canine Learning Theory. If you don't take advantage of your dog's ability to learn at this accelerated rate, then you're setting up both your dog and your family for problems. If You Don't Teach Your Dog Fast Enough... He'll Still Learn To Misbehave in between and during the process which will be counter productive to your progress!

Teaching the basics such as Sit. Down. Stay. Come. Heel only prolongs working on your actual behavioral goals... And Sets up 95% of dogs and their owners for FAILURE Because it doesn't teach your dog fast enough. And it doesn't teach the right lessons.

*Limited spots available for april 11, 2020 

sign up early. unlimited continued coaching for life!,

100% money back guarantee*

Here's what we believe...  Any  person with a dog, cookie , and 5 minutes can train his dog to sit. By accident, no less. The REAL CHALLENGE is training your dog to sit quietly by the door when a parade of shrieking children covered in peanut butter burst into your home. Or, training your dog to walk beside you, off leash, through a crowd of people while making full eye contact with you - without running off,  or lunging at another dog. (These are the REAL LIFE lessons that all dogs must learn!)

Because a dog that knows THESE lessons

can be easily trained to perform any obedience command or trick you can dream up:

"Find my car keys"..."Put your toys away"..."Close the door"..."Run with my bike"..."Go get your leash" ..."Go to the bathroom"... "Find a stick"..."Fetch the ball"..."Pull this wagon"... "Play dead"..."Stop, drop & roll"... "Jump through hoops"... "Spin"... "Go get your bed"..."Hide your toy"..."Never take food from children"... "Wait for me at the door of the coffee shop"... "Stay off the couch"... "Play gently with the cat"... "Spit out that food"... and so many more. 


It's a Full Immersion Dog Training Program That Starts With YOU (The Owner)!

Teach Your Dog FASTER By Learning To Use His Natural Canine Instincts To Your Advantage!

Also the key, in this 8-week program we'll be showing you how to keep your dog focused on you...and a variety of locations and situations during our bi-weekly "Group Socials and Pack walks to Restaurants, BBQ;s, Wine Tasting , Shopping etc..


Because this is where so many training programs FAIL! You've trained your dog to sit calmly on command in your kitchen for a cookie. Or in the obedience school "classroom." But when you try to duplicate this obedient "sit" when you're out at the local park or visiting friends, your dog is wild... out of control... and DEAF to your commands. Your dog will "come" when called in your yard... But again, is DEAF to the command when you exercise him at the local dog park or beach. You might think the problem is your dog... ... But the REAL PROBLEM is how you've trained these commands. Your dog doesn't know how to think for himself and transfer these commands to new locations and situations. So we're going to show you how to teach your dog to THINK, FOCUS, and TRANSFER commands to new locations and situations, even with high levels of distraction!

Unlimited Access To Tony Nila And His Team Of Dog Behaviorist

That's right... not only will you have the chance to participate in a weekly private sessions, We'll also provide you with private access to your own trainer (via a Q&A Center in the member's area online). You're invited to post questions in the Q&A Center as often as you like about any training challenges you may be facing with your dog. We recognize that this FULL IMMERSION 8-week program will be challenging for both you and your dog (that's the point, right?). So we'll be standing by to support you, offer guidance, and help you overcome unique challenges you may face with your dog.

*Register Today To Guarantee Your Spot * Last Time, We SOLD OUT In Less Than 72 Hours!

Just a few month ago, we opened registration for our latest session of our "Training For Calm Program." And we SOLD OUT in less than 72 hours! There was a mad rush, and I can tell you that the demand for this training has far exceeded our expectations. ... So I must warn you: We are expecting to sell out again. And we don't plan to offer this program again for another 4-6 months as it's extremely labor intensive for my team to deliver this caliber of quality dog training to the average family via video, email, and weekly private sessions. To guarantee your spot, I highly recommend registering early!

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