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mad, bad and 

dangerous to know

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Help For Your Reactive Dog

What You Get

When you sign up for one our dog training programs you will receive:

One on one training help in the safety of your own home.

Access to our Pack Walks where you can carefully test your training in the real world  

12 months of FREE following up support and care

Training For Aggressive Dogs

Once upon a time, when a dog became angry, its owner would have it put down. It was believed that once a dog turned to the dark side there was no way to save it. Today we know better. 

Every year millions of dog owner learn how to manage, reduce or stop their dogs from behaving aggressively.  Unwanted aggression is a common problem in pet dogs and the dog training community has discovered a multitude of humane ways to address these problems. 

With us on your side, you will learn how to reduce your dog's aggression and move towards a joyful life with your dog.  Trust us when we say, you are not alone and there is nothing your dog is doing that we have not seen before.  We specialize in helping devil dogs grow angel wings.  It would be our honour to help you save your dog. 



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We Would Love To Hear From You.

Asking for help is a wonderful step towards finding the help you need.

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