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Canine Behaviorist: Tony Nila

Meet A Canine Behaviorist Who Truly Wants You And Your Dog To Succeed.

There is beauty in your dog,  beauty that you feel as sure as you feel the sun on your face.  While many dog trainers turn to science as a way to blindly condition dogs, Tony Nila is a rare expert who effectively combines behavioral science with the emotional realities of owning a dog.  Tony helps people rehabilitate problem dogs by introducing them to the most intimate aspects of canine behaviour.

Former host of K9 Talk Radio in Flagstaff AZ and owner of one of the biggest dog training schools in Orange County, Tony is is an experienced Dog Behaviorist with over 27 years rehabilitating canines with behavioral issues .  Simply put, if you're having a problem with your pooch, you need to speak with Tony! 

Tony offers Behavioral Services and Consultations to people in need of quality advice.  If you have concerns about your dog's training and behavior, don't wait for your problem to get worse!

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