Day 1- Lead Walking


Day 2 - Sit Stay


Day 3 - Leave It


Day 4 - Recall


Day 5 -Hand Touch


Transcript Video 1 - Lead Walking:

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome back to another training video. Today we're going to crack on with some loose lead walking. Myself and Khaleesi are going to walk you through today's exercise, and really, the things I want you take home from today's video is: we want to be doing short training sessions. So, bite size type training. Three minute sessions are perfect. The more you can do of those the better. And don't forget your training mode, versus leisure mode. So, for Khaleesi she's in training mode when she's got a collar one, so she's going to have to remain behind me whenever we're doing the walking. So we take that nice and easy.

My rewards are going to be taken from my treat bag. I'm going to put them on my bum, okay? Just to keep her in that position [‘there is a good girl’], and if she steps out in front of me I'm going to open up, bring her back into position and start again. Now, the difference today, is that we're going to put out a distraction. So, if you look a little bit further down the, the environment there, you'll see a bowl (1:12). Now the bowl has got nothing in it to start with. We're going to up that level of distraction as we go. So, the very first time I'm heading towards a bowl, and if the dog has been fed out of the bowl, the likelihood is they're going to want to pull towards it. So, we're going to make sure that we pay at a high enough rate, that they stay in the right position. So, we're going to walk up, follow all of our normal rules and our norm and the whole system, normally, and if they pull we stop, we redirect them and then start again so let's head towards the bowl shall we?

(1:56) So, right length lead for Khaleesi [‘Good girl, you ready?’]

(2:03) [Nando walks towards the bowl and marks and rewards for eye contact]

(2:06) [Mark and reward]

(2:10) [Nando steps over the bowl and Khaleesi looks at him. Nando marks, rewards and praises]

(2:16) [Mark and reward]

(2:23) Okay, so I'm going to pop her here, shorten that line up, take some treats out, drop them in that bowl. Now I'm going to try and walk away from it.

(2:35) [Khaleesi makes eye contact, Nando marks and rewards]

(2:40) So, I gave a little kissy sound to get her attention, and then marked her for looking at me. Now we're going to head towards the bowl which is going to be harder than heading away from it. So let's try that.

(2:57) [Nando walks towards the bowl and marks and rewards for eye contact]

(3:03) [marks and rewards for eye contact]

(3:07) [marks and praises, allows Khaleesi to eat the treats in the bowl as a reward] Now when I get there I'm going to mark and use the bowl, as my reward.

(3:17) [repeats exercise] So, shorten that line up. Drop a couple of treats and again. This time we're going to go with a few more. Make sure that she can't reach it.

(3:27) [marks and rewards].

(3:36) Kissy noise [Praise] Now I am going to turn around.

(3:42) This side baby

(3:45) [Mark, reward and praise]

(3:51) [Mark, reward and praise]

(3:56) [Mark, reward from bowl and praise]

(4:00) [praise] So, same thing again. I am going to shorten my line up so she cannot reach that bowl. I'm going to put a whole handful of treats in there this time. Now you can see how she's really putting towards it.

(4:14) [makes kissy noise for attention, Khaleesi turns towards Nando, he marks, rewards and praises]

(4:20) [Mark and reward] You’ll see my speed is nice and slow

(4:22) [Mark and reward] because I want her to pay attention and focus.

(4:29) [Mark and reward]

(4:35) [Mark and reward]

(4:40) Okay, get it. [Nando gives Khaleesi permission to take from the bowl and praises her]

Okay, so I'm really happy with that. That’s a lovely little session. That's the entire session finished now. So, I’d switch her back into leisure mode or let her off the lead if the environment is safe. Now, this environment is safe, I know this environment very, very well. And this area is relatively quiet. Now I'm going to repeat this exercise in the same place every day until I can put that bowl right at the end of this driveway, okay (5:15)? If I can put it all the way at the end, then walk that entire distance that's my main focus, okay, rather than trying it in a different location every day this week. It’s all about staying in the same place, maybe upping the amount of distractions, so if they prefer toys use a toy at the end. If they like a football you could use that, for my dog or for Khaleesi it's food. So, I'm going to use that bowl and I'm going to put it right at the end so I'm going to give it one more go. I'm going to take her right to the end then we're going to walk all the way back, and all the way up again let's try that.

(5:56) Okay, so I'm going to make sure that I pop her on a nice short lead before I put any treats in there. [Puts Khaleesi on lead, praises and asks for attention]

(6:07) So, shorten the line up. Handful of treats. Make sure she can't get to them, make sure my lead is the right distance

(6:19) Alright, open the door. Bring her back.

(6:28) [Mark and reward]

(6:32) [Mark and reward] Always reinforcing at the bum.

(6:39) [Mark and reward] Making sure they don't step past that first foot. If they do

(6:45) [Mark and reward] I got to stop, open that door, correct the position.

(6:52) Just like that [hand gestures Khaleesi into position by ‘opening the door’, marks and rewards]

(7:00) [Mark and reward]

(7:02) [Mark and reward]

(7:04) [Mark, reward and praise] 

(7:08) So, now we're heading towards the bowl.

(7:22) [Marks, Khaleesi steps forward and stares at bowl, Nando opens the door to get her back in position and she quickly moves back] You'll find they start to correct themselves.

(7:26) [Khaleesi walks forward, Nando stops, Khaleesi makes eye contact, Nando gestures Khaleesi back into position]

(7:36) [Mark and reward]

(7:41) [Khaleesi walks past Nando’s leg, Nando stops] Stopping every time [Nando gestures Khaleesi back into position and praises]

(7:46) [Mark and reward]

(7:53) [Mark and reward]

(7:56) [Mark and reward]

(8:01) [Mark and reward]

(8:04) [Mark, rewards] Stopping, don't let her reach it. [Nando gestures Khaleesi back into position and praises]

(8:10) [Marks, allows Khaleesi to eat the treats in the bowl and praises]

So, a great little example there from Khaleesi. A little bit harder with that extra distance but that's why you're going to be working on it. [Stops Khaleesi and unclips her lead] ‘Let's take you out of training mode and off you go.’ So, now she doesn't have to stick to the rules because she's in to leisure mode or off the lead, and we're done!

Great training session, I want to see how you get on.

Good luck. Get it cracking!



Transcript Video 2 - Sit Stay:

Good morning. Today's exercise is all about making the dog’s ‘sit’ super strong. Now, in dog training lingo, we call this proofing, but the exercise itself is called the Space Invader Sit. The reason for that is because you're going to take a treat, and you're going to slowly lower it down, like in one of those retro arcade games where you have to shoot down the UFOs. This is going to be our UFO [holds up treat].

If the dog stays sitting, we're going to use a mark—the word  ‘yes’ and then feed the dog [mark and reward]. So, let me show you what I'm talking about.

(0:45) Arya ‘sit’. [Mark and reward].

(0:50) ‘Sit’. [Mark and reward].

Now, to extend it from here,  I'm going to slowly start to lower the treat down and if she was to jump up to try and get it, I'm just going to whip it out of the way and then start again.

(1:05) [Nando holds up a treat, slowly lowers it down to Arya, mark and reward]

(1:08) [repeats exercise, this time Arya jumps up towards the treat, Nando whips it out of her reach] So, you see where she jumped up I just pulled my arm back so she couldn't reach the treat. She doesn't get it but we start the exercise again. You don't have to say anything if she gets it wrong. Just remove the treat and that'll do the job for you.

(1:27) [Mark and reward]. Now the goal here is to get lower, lower with each rep.

(1:35) [repeats exercise multiple times]

(1:59) And if you gets really good at this, we can make it a little bit harder by bringing in the dog's food. So here I've got her breakfast ‘sit’, and I'm going to lower it down to the floor in the same way.

(2:19) [Mark and reward]. Now, if she does it I will give her actual breakfast but I want you to be aware that I'm actually standing between the bowl and the dog, okay? There's a little bit of distance here. If I was to do it right underneath her nose, the likelihood is she will fail, but in the progressing days you’re going to bring it closer and closer to the dog until you can do it so it's right in front of them ‘sit’.

(2:47) [Nando demonstrates the complete exercise]

And that is what we're looking for, out of you, today.



Transcript Video 3 - Leave It:

Hello and welcome back to another lesson. Today's lesson is all about making our ‘leave it’ a little bit stronger than it was last week. So, the way that we're going to do that is by adding movement to the food. So, if you remember, we were taught to put food under our foot and when the dog disengaged from it, we would reward. Now to extend that we're going to start dropping the food. So, I might take my food from ankle height and then just drop it to the floor, and that little bit of movement is going to make it harder for some dogs to be able to resist the urge to go and get it. Now, if they do resist the urge, we're going to wait for them to look at us and then mark it with our ‘yes’ and feed them. If, however, they make a lunge for the food on the floor, you're just going to cover it with your foot to prevent them gaining access to it. So, let's have a look at what this looks like with one of our dogs.

Okay, so what I can do is vary the value of the treat. So I've got a piece of dry food in this hand, and a piece of sausage in this hand [shows treats]. This is one pound or one euro and this is the equivalent of 50 pounds or 50 euros. I'm asking you to leave the one pound, and I'll pay you 50.

(1:35) [Nando drops food from ankle height on to the ground. Khaleesi makes eye contact, Nando marks and rewards]

(1:40) [repeats exercise] Now I'm waiting for her to look up at me before I give them my marker word

(1:48) [repeats exercise] and you'll see that I'm starting to progress the height. So, I started off at ankle height, move to calf length now I'm around my knee or just above my knee.

(1:59) Now, if the dog disengages like that I'm going to pick the piece of food up and get their attention again [makes attention sound asks for a sit, praises].

(2:09) I'm going to drop it from my knee [mark and reward]

(2:15) and I'm going to drop it from waist height. [Khaleesi looks at treat and hesitates] I am going to let her make the choice. [She makes eye contact, Nando marks and rewards]

Now, just because she looked at it I didn't move my foot over the treat. I want to make sure that I'm only responding to her. If she's sitting there thinking it through, allow her the time to digest it and process what's going on. Once she can do it with the low value food item, we're then going to progress to a much higher value food item.

(2:43) ‘Sit’ [praises]

(2:53) [Nando drops the treat from ankle height again, Khaleesi makes eye contact, Nando marks, rewards and praises] Now, I'm going to go a little bit higher.

(2:56) [repeats exercise]

(3:03) Now we'll try a bit higher

(3:10) [repeats exercise multiple times]

Now, once I know that the dog is performing well and we've got lots of successful reps in the bank, I'm going to introduce my cue word. So, how I want the dog to recognise what it is that it should be doing. So, at the moment we haven’t introduced a cue because we want them to think that if I drop something on the floor it's not necessarily for them, but we can add a label to it. So, I'm going to use the word ‘leave it’, and then I'm going to drop the food.


(3:51) ‘leave it’ [marks and rewards]

(4:04) [repeats exercise]

(4:06) [repeats exercise]

(4:14) [Khaleesi goes for the treat] Now she goes for it I'm going to be quick to cover. [Khaleesi makes eye contact, Nando praises and cues a ‘sit’]

(4:23) [repeats exercise] Alright, let's try that again.

(4:30) [repeats exercise] Now I'm paying her when she steps back [cues a ‘sit]

(4:45) [repeats exercise with lots of praise at the end]

So that's going to be my training session for today. We want to progress this and you'll find that it might take a few days or even weeks for you to be able to build it up so that you can drop it from different levels, but get practising and you'll be cracking it in no time! 



Transcript Video 4 - Recall:

Welcome back to yet another lesson and this time we're going to be looking at what we call Scavenger Recalls. So, for Scavenger Recalls you're going to require some treats and you're going to need your whistle. Now, there is a little bit of a system to work this one.

We're going to drop a few treats on the floor, we're going to move away from the dog and then we're going to blow our whistle. But once our whistle is blown, we're going to make sure that we've got some food in our hands, and the dog has to touch our hand to get to that food, okay? So, we're really building up a reliable, real-world recall for our dogs using this exercise and it's probably one of my favourites. So, let me show you what I mean.

(1:00) ‘Okay’ So I'm going to take a couple of treats, throw them down, while she's doing that I'm going to move away, food in my hand [blows whistle, Fizz comes running, marks, rewards and praises]

(1:16) Now she has taken that I'm going to throw some more treats out. Move away food in my hand [blows whistle, Fizz comes running, Nando marks, rewards and praises]

(1:30) So, as I get better and better at this I can start to drop the food on the floor. [repeats exercise multiple times in quick succession]

(1:49) I really want to wait till she finishes eating before I blow that whistle.

[blows whistle, Fizz recalls, Nando drops reward on ground and walks off, Fizz eats]

(1:57) Now, if I find that she starts to follow me, that's a good problem to have. So, don't worry about it. Still blow that whistle. I'm going to wait till [blows whistle] she's not distracted, and then throw the treats out [throws reward out behind him].

(2:14) [Fizz follows Nando] Ooh [praises, throws some treats, walks away and blows whistle] If she's following me too fast, throw more food out so that it takes her longer before she can actually focus on you, so she can't follow you. I don't want to blow now because she's really heavily distracted. So, I'm going to wait until she looks up, and then I'll blow my whistle [Waits until Fizz looks up, blows whistle, Fizz recalls, Nando throws food behind him]

(2:53) One last one [repeats exercise, ends with praise]

And that ladies and gentlemen, is known as the scavenger recall. It’s one of the best exercises you can do for your recall. Don't underestimate it. Get outside. Get into the dog par. Practice this and then start to build the distractions, as you go. 



Transcript Video 5 - Hand Touch:

Okay, welcome back to another video lesson. Today we're going to be looking at improving our hand touch. So, we're really going to push it a little step further. So, I want you to take it to an environment which is a little bit more distracting for your dog. Now, take it at your dog's level. Okay, you might have been able to crack this one out in the front room and have no problems at all, and for some dogs you'll be able to go to a field. An empty field, not necessarily a dog park or anything like that, and you'll be able to get your dog’s focus there. Some of you will have to work your dogs in the back garden because that will be distracting enough. Some of you will be able to go to the dog park and practice there, but what I can suggest is you take each one of those steps as a progression in how hard it is for the dog. And once they cleared doing it in the front room, then the back garden and then move up through the stages, like that, okay?

So, we're working with Arya… I was working with Arya… [recalls Arya, cues ‘sit’] and as you can see, she finds the area quite distracting. So for her to be able to focus on this I'm going to use the environment, as my distraction. So, I'm just going to ask for a hand touch. If she gets it right, she'll get paid I'll do three or four reps and we'll work it through like that. ‘Okay, Arya you ready?’

(1:32) Touch [Mark and reward by throwing to the side]

(1:37) Touch [Mark and reward by throwing to the side]

(1:39) Touch [Mark and reward by throwing to the side]

(1:42) Touch [Mark and reward by throwing to the side]

(1:44) Touch [Mark and reward by throwing to the side]

(1:46) Touch [Mark and reward by throwing to the side]

Now remember that mark has to happen as the dog's nose hits your hand, and it's the environment that's going to be distracting. The other thing that you're going to be working on this week is the distance, and you can create that distance easy enough by just by throwing the treat further away, so they have to go further to go and get it, and then travel closer to come and touch your hands so let's have a little look at this one.

(2:16) Touch [Mark and reward by throwing to the side]

(2:25) Touch [Mark and reward by throwing to the side]

(2:29) Touch [Mark and reward by throwing to the side]

(2:31) Touch [Mark and reward by throwing to the side]

(2:40) Touch [Mark and reward by throwing to the side]

(2:42) Touch [Mark and reward by throwing to the side]

(2:47) Touch [Mark and reward by throwing to the side]

And you can work the exercise through like that [recalls Arya, cues ‘sit’] you can work the exercise through like that until they're covering more and more distance.

So, that is this week's little challenge for you.

Good Luck and get cracking!