An incredible solution to getting the coaching and training support you need, to unleash your dog’s best!

If you simply have the support of the group, sound advice, and a solid treatment plan created by myself , you can create an improved balanced relationship with you and your dog. Right in the comfort of your own home! It’s going to take work, patience and dedication, but you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have that.

My unique and cutting edge program for virtual dog training is a 3 month training program designed to get you out of worry, frustration, stress, and on to mastering, confidence, calmer energy and leadership. The Skype program is fantastic for puppy owners who need that extra support to get their young dog a solid foundation, excellent for dog owners battling aggression or severe anxiety in their dogs as this process of rehabilitation can be more complicated and time consuming.

We accept dogs of all contents, ages, and behavioral issues, and we customize our foundational program to your needs.

Virtual Program Benefits:

* Get weekly support through personalized Skype or phone calls used throughout the program

* Cell Phone access to Tony for support and problem solving without the hassle of waiting for a regularly scheduled appointment.

* Closed Group Client Facebook Page, where our entire team of trainers is available to help you out, and celebrate your victories

* Digital content, emails, blogs, videos and more – to allow you to work at your own pace

* Advice on nutrition, healthcare, and how to create not just a well behaved wolfdog, but a healthy wolfdog too

* Training Equipment included, $180 value.

* 3 Month Virtual Training Program: $1488.00