Meet A Canine Behaviorist Who Truly Wants You And Your Dog To Succeed.

There is beauty in your dog,  beauty that you feel as sure as you feel the sun on your face.  While many dog trainers turn to science as a way to blindly condition dogs, Tony Nila is a rare expert who effectively combines behavioral science with the emotional realities of owning a dog.  Tony helps people rehabilitate problem dogs by introducing them to the most intimate aspects of canine behaviour.  

Former host of K9 Talk Radio in Flagstaff AZ and owner of one of the biggest dog training schools in Orange County, Tony is is an experienced Dog Behaviorist with over 20 years rehabilitating canines with behavioral issues .  Simply put, if you're having a problem with your pooch, you need to speak with Tony! 


"Tony from Grumpy Puppy has been a game-changer!"

- Jessica C


Learn To Trust your Dog Again!


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Talk With Tony


Tony offers Behavioral Services and Consultations to people in need of quality advice.  If you have concerns about your dog's training and behavior, don't wait for your problem to get worse!

Moving Away From Harsh
Dog Training Methods

As a Grumpy Puppy client, you will be exposed to the most humane and effective dog training methods available today.   Building on the natural bonds that dogs and people develop, Grumpy Puppy will help you establish more than obedience, we help your dog become a trusted member of the family.


Are you looking for some cheerful advice to help you win over a young dog?  If so, our Basic Training Package will help you master the essential skills needed to raise a puppy. 

In a world where puppy training grows increasingly more complicated, we keep it simple.

Our innovative trying style will help you build the perfect foundation for a successful relationship.

Our goal is to help you master the day-to-day things that make dog ownership special. 

Oops!  Procrastination got the better of you and now little problems have transformed your dog into Godzilla! Don't panic. We understand and we've got you covered.  

Grumpy Puppy Dog Training our team of experts are ready and able to help you solve the most dreadful dog behaviour problems.  Excessive Barking, Fighting, Biting and Food Aggression, top of a long list of serious problems that we have successfully solved.

So dry your eyes and get ready to celebrate, your days of living with a problem dog are over.

In much that same way that Gordan Ramsy is famous for his food, we are famous for our Great Canine Outdoor Adventures.  Join our friendly family of canine delegates and learn how to establish impeccable control of your dog everywhere you go.

In much the same way that you and I learn from our friends, dogs learn vital life lessons in the company of their own kind.  Dogs need dogs to master their social skills and Grumpy Puppy can help your clever canine meet some of the best dogs in the hood.

We Would Love To Hear From You.

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We offer dog training in Orange County and Long Beach & Surrounding Areas, give us a call today. We are here to help.

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