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Nowadays Editing video doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. In fact there are two widely available and free video editing software packages that you can use to get really rather professional clips depending on what type of computer you use. If you’re on a Mac, any computer made by Apple then it comes with iMovie and for everything else there is Windows Movie Maker.

Both of these systems are free and more than capable of making professional looking videos. Did you know that we edited the entirety of the Puppy Lab on iMovie? So you can dig deep in to these platforms if you like and there are tons of tutorials widely available on Youtube but we’re going to run you through the essential stuff that you’ll need to build better videos now we can’t cover every model of computer and phone combination but we can give you the keywords you’ll need to search for on YouTube.

Now the first step is to decide if you’re going to edit the video in your phone, if you are then iMovie covers all the things you need, you can get third party apps that usually have some cool features but you’ll end up with an unwanted logo on your video unless you pay for the professional version, usually it's worth it but most phones will allow you to do some basic editing in the native camera app if you're on a budget.

Some good choices for apps include:

Power director





None of them are perfect as they all have their pros and cons but all will do the job. I’m going to run you through the Power Director App as if we were editing a video together, so you can follow along if you watch this on a lap top. Obviously pause, rewind, repeat whenever you feel the need. This will take a little getting used to so don’t be too hard on yourself if it feels really alien to start with. Disclaimer it might look slightly different on your phone but all the main tools are exactly the same. AND to have no water mark and upload in the correct resolution you need to pay for it. It costs about 35 pounds a year, its well worth it to make you look professional.

So step one, open the app and you’ll be presented with a black box that pops up called New Project. If it doesn’t then hit the bottom middle button called New Project and it shall appear! Name your project and pick the aspect ratio. For your online platform you want to choose 16:9 on the left. The middle one is for vertical video and the one on the right is for instagram stuff.

Once you’ve done that you’ll be presented with this screen. You have a back arrow in the top left hand corner then a movie camera icon which should be automatically selected, next to the right is the photo icon you select this if you want to import photos, next is music and sound effects and the last one, the play button is to preview your project. So, let's start with Video camera icon. Pick the intro you’ve downloaded from dropbox and hit the plus to move it to the bottom of the screen, this is called your timeline, once you’ve done this repeat that step by tapping the media icon and then picking the clips in chronological order and finally the outtro. If you have several folders as I do on this screen hit the folder its stored in and then the plus on that clip in to your timeline. If for whatever reason the clips aren’t already in the correct order just press and hold the one you need to move to lift and shift it to the place you need it to be.

You’ll be offered a quick demo of what’s on offer which you can explore in your own time but i'll skip this step for the second.

Let's say you’ve taken a video and its the perfect take. You look cool, sound intelligent and handled your dog like a dog training god however there is about a minute before you start, where you’re bumbling around looking for all the equipment and after the last perfect rep you tripped over your dog and landed knee deep in dog shit, well, the client doesn’t need to see this bit and we can happily trim the ends of the video so no-one is any wiser. To make this a cover up the government would be proud of just drag the green circle you can see at the start and end of the clip and it will start wherever you choose to leave it. If you can’t see the circle then just touch the clip and it should appear.
If at any point you do something you don’t like then you can hit this button and it will undo your last move.

If you wanted to cut a clip in half then the key is drag the main line, or to use its real name, the playhead to the point you want to cut it and, you guessed it, hit the cut button. This make that one single clip in to two separate ones. Cut it again and you have 3 clips allowing you to delete a part of a video if you need to.

Now sometimes, if you’re in a video and doing something that doesn’t really add much to the video you could cut that out completely and delete the part that’s of no use or you change the speed of the clip to make it fizz by faster than real life. The opposite is true of course, if you have something that needs a little more attention you can slow that clip down so it its easier for the person to follow. If you slow a clip down and it starts to judder it basically means you slowed it down too much but the app will warn you if you try and go too slow. You can change the speed by tapping the selected clip and a new menu will show up on the left, hit the pencil icon to reveal the options available to you. Tap speed and then just drag the slider in either direction to change the speed. You can check the preview by hitting the play button and the square if you want to see it in full screen. Hit back to get back to the main editing page.

If you feel like you need to adjust the audio in a specific clip just tap the cog on the right of the screen followed by the audio mixing option which will reveal a slider to let you change the default volume of a specific clip. Or you can add a voice over if you hit the media button, select music and choose voice over. You only need to worry about which audio track to use if you are putting music on the video but that’s not for us, at least not today.

Here's me making a little recording on the voice over.

If you need a break at any point and want to finish it later just save it and forget it till you need it but if you are happy then it's time to export. You do this by tapping the produce clip in the top corner, then hit produce. From there go to other options select FullHD1080 and then choose Save to Dropbox and boom. You’ve just edited your first lesson!

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