Transcript Video 1:

Hello everybody, my name is Nando Brown, and I’m going to be one of your instructors, and these are my three dogs — Khaleesi, Arya and Fizz.



Transcript Video 2:

Hi, my name is Jo-Rosie, and I’m one of your instructors. This is Nube, and this is Cortado and alongside my dogs Blake, Ella and Archie, they are going to help teach you some of the exercises.



Transcript Video 3:

Hey guys, welcome to the course. My name is Dean Nicholas, and I am one of the tutors that will be guiding you through some of the exercises over the coming weeks. This little guy is Sidney. He is my miniature American Shepherd. He is four years old. He has done a fair bit of training, so you will see that he knows a lot of the exercises.

This little princess is Echo. She is a rescue dog; I have had her five months. She is a clean slate, so you will see that she is learning the exercises along with your dog.