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Book a session with Tony Nila! #dogtraining #puppytraining #dogbehaviorist #dogtrainingtips

Book a session with Tony Nila! #dogtraining #puppytraining #dogbehaviorist #dogtrainingtips

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Mentorship Opportunity with Canine Behaviorist Tony Nila 
Join the Future of Canine Cognitive Therapy

Unlock your potential with our Canine Behaviorist Mentorship Program. Gain hands-on experience in dog behaviorist training, canine behavioral studies, and dog training mentorship. Our program offers comprehensive education in canine psychology, dog behaviorist internships, and apprenticeships. Enhance your career with professional dog trainer mentoring, advanced training, and certification. Join us in dog behavior analysis and animal behavior studies.


Why Learn Canine Cognitive Therapy over dog training?


Innovative Training Philosophy:

We believe in nurturing dogs’ innate abilities and cognitive growth. Our program emphasizes empowering dogs to make independent decisions, enhancing their problem-solving skills and confidence without relying on traditional training methods like treats, tools, or commands.


Unique Approach:


• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Focuses on enhancing a dog’s natural intelligence and ability to make beneficial choices independently.

• Evolutionary Psychology: Utilizes innate behaviors and latent learning, avoiding conventional operant conditioning techniques.

• No Maintenance Training Needed: Our methods promote lasting cognitive abilities without the need for ongoing reinforcement.


What You Will Learn:


Hands-On Experience:


• Engage in interactive games and daily tasks that foster natural learning processes in dogs.

• Apply innovative techniques to nurture dogs’ cognitive abilities and independent decision-making.


Career Advancement:


• Gain comprehensive knowledge and skills to excel in the field of canine behaviorism.

• Learn from Tony Nila, a global pioneer in Canine Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.


Program Benefits:


• Develop a deep understanding of canine cognitive development.

• Foster harmonious relationships between dogs and their owners.

• Equip yourself with techniques that differentiate you from conventional dog trainers.


How to Apply:


Schedule a Consultation:

Interested candidates can schedule a Zoom consultation to learn more about the mentorship program and discuss potential opportunities.


Contact Information:


• Phone: 949-877-1069

• Email:


Key Takeaway:


This mentorship program offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn from a leading expert in canine behavior. Tony Nila’s innovative approach to dog training emphasizes cognitive development and independent decision-making, preparing you for a successful career in canine behaviorism.


Join us and be part of a revolutionary approach to dog training that nurtures natural learning and problem-solving abilities in dogs. Apply today to embark on a fulfilling and impactful career under the guidance of  Tony Nila.

We believe that focusing on a puppy's mental development can lead to a more autonomous and well-rounded dog. It's important to note that puppies already influenced by training with toys, food, or tools might need a bit of extra help. They may have missed out on important developmental learning as a result of early conditioning, but no worries! We can guide you on how to teach these important lessons through what we call active learning. If you're about to welcome a new puppy into your home, we encourage you to schedule a free call with us before common mistakes are made. We'd love to help you create a plan for your puppy's first year in their new environment. Feel free to reach out using this link to Schedule a zoom consultation

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