Workshop Cost:
With Dog $715
Audit Spot Without dog $360

Breakfast, Snacks & Drinks
Remote Collar ($199 Value)
25ft Long Line
Copy of Seminar Video
Remote Collar Training Manual
An Autographed Life Sized Billboard of Brandon Mancuso... Just Kidding ;-)​
           AUDIT SPOT
Day One:
Tony & Brandon will go over finding the correct level for your dog in order to demonstrate how to use the remote collar in a positive and communicative way. Learning these new technques will help reinforce your training. As a group we will all work our dogs on a 25 ft long line and learn how to use it alongside the remote collar to help give direction.

Day Two:
We will all practice using the collar with Tony and Brandon's guidence, combining the use of the long line with the collar and incorporating verbal commands. Only 6 spots are available for this clinic. joinining a smaller group means you get personal attention from both Tony & Brandon, and also get the benefit of observing others and learning from them.