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We believe that you

And your dog are perfect

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There will come a time in your life when you will have to say goodbye to your dog.  Years from now, after you and your dog have experienced life together,  you will be required to close one chapter and move onto another.  A dog's life is short,  but the love they give is eternal.  

We understand that the bond you and your dog share is one of the most important unions in your life.  We understand how much you love your dog because, like you, we have also been blessed in the company of dogs.  We have made it our life's work to understand the most intimate aspects of the bonds dogs and humans share. 

Searching for a dog trainer is not easy. There are many schools of thought and all of them claim to be the best.  We believe that the most sensible and effective dog training methods are based on helping you understand the language that all dogs are born speaking.  We do not try and improve on mother nature because we believe that a dog's natural language is perfect. 

There will come a time in your life when you will have to say goodbye to your dog. But that time is not now.  We believe that you and your dog are perfect together and with a little guidance, we can help you achieve your dog training goals.  

In our Training Program, we distinguish ourselves with a unique approach rooted in science-based psychology theories and traditional wisdom. Our methods do not rely on operant conditioning like positive reinforcement or training tools, often used by conventional trainers.

Instead, we base our methods on shaping innate behaviors, free-shaping, and latent learning.


Shaping innate behaviors means we work with your dog's natural instincts rather than against them. By understanding and addressing the root causes of your dog's behavior, we can guide them towards more desirable actions.


Free-shaping involves rewarding incremental steps towards a target behavior, facilitating your dog's understanding of what is expected from them. This approach is non-coercive and allows the dog to make choices and learn from them.


Latent learning strategies, instead of operant conditioning methods where actions are learned through direct reinforcement or punishment. In latent learning, dogs acquire new behaviors or skills without immediate demonstration of these learned behaviors. They are then able to apply this learned knowledge when a relevant situation arises. This allows dogs to learn in a low-stress environment at their own pace, which can lead to more profound and lasting behavioral changes.


The application of these concepts differentiates us from trainers who primarily use operant conditioning techniques, which can sometimes lead to increased anxiety in dogs.


When you choose our Program, you're not just signing up for a training service, but embarking on a holistic journey for your dog's overall well-being.


We also understand that a dog's behavior is influenced by a myriad of factors beyond just training. Therefore, our services extend far beyond typical training sessions. Our comprehensive subscription service includes a range of supports designed to ensure you and your dog have everything you need for success.


Our service includes:


* In-home coaching as needed:

When you’re feeling stumped, we’ll send in the cavalry! Our trusty trainer will swoop in to provide extra in-home coaching, tackling those pesky behavior issues head-on.


*Custom weekly Zoom sessions:

To address any challenges or questions that may arise, we offer weekly Zoom sessions and phone access to me, Tony Nila. These sessions provide ongoing support and allow us to modify the training plan as needed to best fit your dog's progress.


*A private Facebook support group:

We also offer a private Chico Facebook support group where you can connect with other program participants, share your experiences, and learn from each other.


*Access to a canine nutritionist:

One unique feature is our access to a canine nutritionist. A dog's diet significantly impacts their health, energy levels, and consequently, their behavior. Our nutritionist provides guidance on how to support your dog's overall well-being through proper nutrition. This holistic focus on overall health is rare in the dog training world but is a cornerstone of our approach.


*Live online group classes:

Moreover, our program emphasizes the importance of community through live online group classes. These classes allow you to learn from others facing similar challenges and provide an opportunity to practice newly learned skills in a supportive and controlled environment.


Our unique approach, grounded in the understanding of a dog's innate behaviors, combined with our holistic support services, makes our Program an exceptional choice for dog owners.


This tailored and all-encompassing approach will help you navigate the challenges of dog training, fostering a healthier and happier relationship with your canine companion.


Understanding and shaping a dog's innate behavior is a key focus. Unlike many trainers who may work against the grain of a dog's natural instincts, we believe that the most effective training stems from working with these instincts.


By respecting and leveraging their inherent behaviors, we can guide them towards actions that are compatible with co-existing harmoniously in a human world.


Our use of free-shaping techniques allows dogs to feel safe and relaxed during training sessions. Rather than using potentially stressful command-based methods, we reward dogs as they independently make progress towards the desired behaviors. This autonomy fosters confidence in dogs as they feel in control of their actions and see that their choices can lead to positive outcomes.


In conclusion, Tony Nila offers a scientifically-backed, empathetic, and holistic approach to dog behavior modification. Our unique methodology, comprehensive support services, and focus on community learning make us an exceptional choice for dog owners. We look forward to guiding you and your dog towards a happier and healthier relationship.

Come grow old with me, the best is yet to be.
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We Would Love To Hear From You.

Asking for help is a wonderful step towards finding the help you need.

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