Welcome To Puppy Adventures!
"Puppy Adventures      " is a curriculum designed by Behaviorist Tony Nila. We meet as a group every Sunday 11AM until your puppy has reached 6 months. Many current Puppy Classes rarely take puppies out of the classroom setting to help address the critical socialization stage (8-16 weeks) properly. As a result, fear, anxiety, aggression and over excitement can develop and the basic obedience you learned becomes useless. In addition to basic commands and potty training as a Puppy Adventures pack member we work together as a group introducing puppies to real world distractions in order to help your puppy be confident and use to people, places and situations that your puppy will encounter throughout life.

The majority of dogs in shelters are there because of behavioral issues. This is a direct result of insufficient, non-existent or failed puppy socialization. At Puppy Adventures you will be accompanied by behaviorists so if your puppy is stressed by a situation we can address it immediately! 


Did You Know?

1.) Socializing your puppy to unfamiliar dogs is absolutely the worst thing to do! From birth to 8 weeks old your puppy learns a lot from its litter. Such as not defecating in its sleeping area, bite inhibition, and subordinate & dominant body posture. All of the socializing with dogs has been done already by the puppies mother. If you put your puppy in a situation to be overwhelmed by another dog or puppy you can ruin everything the mother has already done with her litter, and possibly  create fear or aggression with other dogs. So dog parks or dog beach can be the worst place to take your puppy.

2.) 8 to 24 weeks is the perfect window to get 90% of your dog’s socialization done, simply because it will be easier since your pup won’t be too anxious or fearful. 

3. Controlled socialization NOT immersion! Going to a playground to expose your puppy to children or in the middle of a crowd at the shopping mall, and letting people overwhelm your puppy with petting can create people aggression. You wouldn't teach a child to swim by simply throwing them in the pool right?!  No, no. Instead control the socialization session. Make sure people are gentle and make sure it is a pleasant time for the puppy. Keep the petting sessions short and leaving the puppy wanting more. Don't allow the petting sessions to go so long to the point your puppy falls asleep and gets burnt out.