Dog Trainers Orange County

Grumpy Puppy offers trained and socialized puppies (6 Months old) for families and individuals who don't want to worry about puppy training, or may not have the time or knowledge to train their own dog. Grumpy Puppy is the first call that future dog owners make when looking for a new puppy. Even service dog organizations understand that allowing a qualified Dog  Behaviorist (Known as professional puppy raiser in the industry) to train their dogs during the imprinting & socialization stage is the best guarantee to owning a dog capable of service dog work or simply the best dog a family can dream of owning!  ​​

Puppies trained by a Grumpy Puppy Behaviorist are guaranteed to have a calm, well balanced temperament. Grumpy Puppy Signature Puppies graduate prepared to become Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Emotional Support Animals, or "The Best Family Dog" anyone has ever owned!


Step One:  
Start with scheduling a phone consultation with behaviorist & program coordinator Alexa Rodriguez by "
clicking here"  We will consult with you on the kind of puppy you're looking and the puppy's desired purpose.

Step 2:
We will look at several breeders in the United States who offer the breed of puppy you want. After meeting and talking with several breeders, we then narrow our search down looking for the qualifications below:

• OFA certified hips and elbows OR PennHip.
• Puppies are raised indoors.  We do not accept puppies from pet stores or puppy mills.
• No history of parvovirous or other life-threatening diseases among previous or current puppies.

Step 3: 
After choosing the perfect breeder, we then move on to finding your perfect puppy! When the puppies are 6 weeks, we begin the picking process.

We then perform temperament testing when choosing puppies for our programs.  We only take the calmest, balanced, most confident puppies. If there are no puppies in this litter that meet our standards, we may switch litters, or search elsewhere. Puppies that fail the temperament test are not qualified for our programs.We have a specialized tests we perform if the puppy has been reserved to be a Service or Therapy dog.  

Step 4:  Puppy comes home with us!
While in training, puppies live in our home and are given the same treatments and opportunities as our personal dogs.  We focus heavily on socialization and exposure to people, places, birds, cats, livestock, children, vaccinated dogs etc. to ensure your puppy will grow up into a happy, confident dog no matter where you go. 

Step 5:
Once your puppy has finished their training program, it is finally time to welcome your new dog home. Every Trained Puppy comes with FULL SUPPORT! 

Our online dog training course is JAM PACKED, with videos, lesson plans and printable material to make sure you are able to maintain the level of training your puppy came with!

With an online course, this allows us to fully transition your new family member perfectly into your day to day lives and routine.

clicking here"