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Working through a serious problem with a troubled dog can be stressful. We understand 

We offer a variety of services including:

·  Pre-purchase counseling
·   Problem solving with a new puppy
·  Comprehensive behavioral consultation services for those pets with significant behavioral problems or pathological behavioral disorders 

Some common problems that can be addressed include:
·  Jumping up
·   Barking
·   Destructive behavior
·    Hyperexcitability
·    Elimination problems or house-soiling
·    Separation anxiety
·     Fears and phobias
·     Compulsive disorders
·     Many types of aggression
·     Behavior problems associated with aging 


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canine behaviorist & Trainer

Canine Behaviorist Vs. Dog Trainer

What You Get

When you sign up for one our  programs you will receive:

"Exclusive" one on one coaching. We only accept a minimum of 10 behavioral cases at a time, this insures you and your dog recieve an amazing learning experience and the individual attention you both deserve.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee. After your dogs treatment plan if you don't have better management and control we continue training at no additional charge.

 If you are concerned about your dog's behavior (or potential behavior) in the lobby while visiting your vet, our behavior staff will escort you and your dog from the car to the consult room.

Canine behavior treatment plans include much more than just basic obedience training. While training might be part of the dog behaviorist’s treatment plan, it is usually a small part of a larger, more comprehensive plan. 


An obedience trainer’s goal is to get a dog to perform certain behavior such as sit or stay,  an agility trainer may focus on physical exercise and focus, a K9 trainer may focus on protection training, a Canine Behaviorist’s goal however is to understand why a dogs behave as they do in order to create a personalized, comprehensive treatment plan that addresses the underlying cause of the behavior problem. 

Canine behaviorists are not always qualified to make a diagnosis and formulate a comprehensive treatment plan for your dogs behavior problem. A Canine behaviorist may need to collaborate with a veterinary behaviorist who is uniquely qualified to determine whether your dog(s) may benefit from behavior-modifying medication or if a medical problem may be a contributing factor.

Many non-professionals do not collaborate or seek the guidance of a Board Certified Veterinarian Behaviorist and claim to be “animal behaviorists” but level of education, scientific knowledge, experience and training for these individuals can vary greatly.  Unfortunately there is no governing body that regulates who may call themselves an “animal behaviorist” or a “trainer.” While some non-veterinary behaviorists and trainers are experienced and well-educated, there are many others with no formal education and have little understanding of animal behavior.  These individuals might use unproven, outdated or even inhumane training techniques to achieve short-term results often at the expense of the animal’s welfare and well-being.

Our Canine Behaviorists at make it a priority  consulting and working with a Board  Certified Veterinary Behaviorist, your dog will be receiving the highest standard of care from a certified professional.

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During the consultation, your Veterinarian Behaviorist will discuss additional history regarding the problems your dog is experiencing, go through a behavior/personality profile and further investigate any pertinent medical problems or history that may be linked to the behavior problem.  Our canine behavior support staff will also be involved by recording observations of your dog, getting to know your dog and begin working with your dog with some of the aspects expected to be part of the treatment plan under the direction of your veterinarian.  A thorough discussion of your dogs diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment options will be included as well as a step by step explanation and demonstration of the treatment plan including management, behavior modification and medication therapy.    

Factors such as frequency of the visits, treatments, and time spent on appointments can be a surprise to someone who is not familiar with a veterinary behavior specialist. You should plan on the first consultation to last approximately 2 hours.  Most pets require one to two subsequent visits at 4-6 week intervals.  These subsequent visits are usually around 1 hour in length.  The total lengths of the consults might vary based on the complexity of your dog's problem.  

If you are concerned about your dog's behavior (or potential behavior) in the lobby while visiting your vet, our behavior staff will escort you and your dog from the car to the consult room.

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