What You Will Need


Day 1 - Hand Touch


Day 2 - Recall


Day 3 - Lead Walking


Day 4 -Eye Contact


Day 5 -Spin


Transcript Video 1 - What You'll Need:

The first thing we are going to do is talk through the equipment you guys are going to need over the six-week period so that you are prepared as and when you want to train your dog. The first thing we are going to need is some treats, so, cut up some really tasty food that your dog can eat, so for example, little bits of cheese, little bits of ham, maybe some bits of sausage and that kind of thing. What I am not talking about is crusty, old, dry, kibble from your walking jacket pocket from three weeks ago. So tasty food. We are going to be asking the dog to work quite hard as they are learning new skills, we need to make sure that we pay them appropriately.

You will see that we use a training pouch so a little pouch on the front of us like this, that contains those treats. That is just so the treats are really accessible nice and quick as we are training. If you have got one of these, use it, if you haven’t, don’t worry, you can use a little box next to you on the side or something like that.

In terms of the actual equipment we are going to need, you need to get yourself:

·      a soft bed for your dog,

·      a selection of toys that your dog will be interested in.

·      a lead, so a normal length lead,

·      ideally a long line (If you don’t have one of these or can’t get one of these don’t worry its just a really, really long lead),

·      a whistle, this is a gundog whistle,

·      a food bowl,

·      a harness. So this is a two-point harness, it has got a clip on the front and a clip on the back. This is the ideal scenario for how we teach during the course. If you haven’t got a two-point harness don’t worry, you can use a collar and a harness with just a back clip or just a front clip separately.

That’s all the gear you guys are going to need, there will be some other little titbits that we add in along the way but as long as you have got this then you can do all of the exercises.

Lets do this!